Eva Mendes Takes a Stand Against the Tyranny of Sweatpants!!!

Believe it or not this GEM comes from TIME.com!!!

Eva Mendes is taking a stand on sweatpants and holding them responsible for divorces!

"Lost River" - 2015 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival

“Ladies, number one cause of divorce in America, sweatpants, no!”, says Mendes.


Now, come on, what is more shocking the sweatpants BIG CONTROVERSY or the fact that this is being published on TIME.com??

Go on,world, you are doing great! =))

But you still can do something to change that:



Suki Waterhouse names the Pimples in her face!!!!!!


Well, according to the Bible of ridiculousness, Just Jared, Suki Waterhouse names the pimples in her face! =)


R.I.P. Journalism!

Milla Jovovich`s Due Date COULD be moved up a week!

Well, Just Jared just keep giving and giving…..

Now they are reporting that Milla Jovovich`s due date could be moved a week:


Milla Jovovich

We understand that this is BIG NEWS…but come on, there might be something more relevant for you to read instead of that!!

This might be a good choice:


Busy Phillips’ Husband Refused to watch “The Bachelor” and he made the headlines!!!

Just Jared just broke the story. After a deep and exhaustive investigation they were able to find out the BIG MESS that is going on in Phillips’ house: HER HUSBAND DID NOT WATCH THE BACHELOR SPECIAL!!!



That said, here is a cool list made by Vibe that might be useful for you to enhance your brains while watching some television:


Kardashians involved in a Car Accident

k accident

Tmz Reports that the Kardashians sisters were involved in a car accident in Montana. There was no damage to their KAR! SHOOCKER!


Reeeally Relevant!!

Now, if you really want be in touch with the problem of car accidents in America, would be really nice of you to visit:


And even better, if you want to actually help, that is a good option: